MAGNIFICENT add-on Cabinet, NAPOLEON III of France. Around 1870/80.

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Lot 1653MAGNIFICENT add-on Cabinet, NAPOLEON III of France. Around 1870/80.
France. Around 1870/80.

Wood ebonisiert, profusely inlaid with precious stones, and leg. The ornate representation of the furniture of the neo-Renaissance is composed of a projecting base, high top, and slightly withdrawn, bracketed gable. Architecturally, divided by pilaster cornices and round arches.
The substructure, on six Baluster legs, with three doors. In the middle of a wide, cantilevered door flanked by beveled sides, and two smaller doors. It handles, left and right with a human face, centered with Rosette drawers with gilded bronze. Behind the left door, a further three lockable drawers.
The essay with two smaller and in the middle a large arched door, behind them lying more subjects. Including three drawers handles with figural shaped made of gilded Bronze. Topped with a heavily bracketed pediment and urns.
The inlays of tlw. engraved ivory in the flat section. These are arranged symmetrically and the entire Front of the show filling tendril ornaments, Putti, Maskarone, Fauns, Griffins, and other mythical creatures, framed by geometric shapes. The ornament is accented stones inlay work made of coloured agate, sodalite, Jasper, carnelian, lapis and other opaque jewelry. The side line inlaid in geometric shapes. 228x173x50 cm. On a shear of the substructure, a sale label of the merchant P. Polti from Tours, the purchase in July 1895 Dating. Condition B.

- Christopher Payne: The Style Of Furniture In Europe. Augsburg, 1990. Type see Fig. 1260.
- Rainer Haaff: Magnificent Style Of Furniture. Historicism in Germany and Central Europe. Leopold port 2012. Type cf. p. 166ff and p. 280ff.

The top box shows the preference of the Second Empire to the Lushness. The jewelry stones in a variety of colors, as well as the fine ivory inlays are in wonderful contrast to the ebonised wood. This contrast was currently in Europe, highly popular and in works of the Austrian Makart style, as well as in Italian Work. The architectural design of the state Cabinet is a fine example of the revival of the Renaissance during the historicism.
Please note that due to the current Cites provisions for objects made of ivory, rhinoceros horn, and tortoise-shell unrestricted trade within the European community is allowed. An Export to third countries is currently not possible.
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