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Letter signed " Np " to the duke of Feltre (General Henry Clarke). Cologne, November 6, 1811. 2 pages in 4 in brown ink on wove paper.

"The 7 employer-sponsored pension plans of Cuirassiers that make up the two divisions which are in Cologne and Bonn have neither a forge of campaign or cabinet of an ambulance. The forge campaign is essential, especially if the circumstances lead these regiments in Poland. The box of the ambulance is essential in all cases.

These employer-sponsored pension plans had their caissons. The minister of the Administration of the war was removed.

It is necessary to provide them without delay. (...)

This regiment was in dire need of her colonel. I believe I have named, press its arrival. In general, it is necessary to give the positive order to your office of the motion that all of the time that the squadrons of war are ordered to leave, the colonel must go with them, that no leave shall be granted to the colonel as much as the staff will have joined them to replace it, that finally as soon as the place of colonel comes to go by status or by death, the staff must get out to the squadrons of war, which allows the new colonel, if he is in France, go spend 15 days at the depot of his regiment to know it. (...)

General rule : the colonel, or in his absence the major, must always be in the squads of war. This makes me think that the rank of colonel-in-2.d is a bad institution, because these are the majors, which produces too much instability in the latter grade. I take the party to remove the colonel-in-2.d, and replaced by majors in 2.d. (...)

You will be careful as holidays in the employment of colonel, to put the colonels-in-2.of which currently exist, and to present to me the number of majors in 2.d to appoint.

On this I pray to God that it necks have in his holy keeping.

Napoleon I, Correspondance, t. XXII, 1867, no. 18243.

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