Savery, Roelant 1577 Kortrijk - (front) 1639 Utrecht. "Orpheus and the Thracian women"

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Lot 515Savery, Roelant 1577 Kortrijk - (front) 1639 Utrecht. "Orpheus and the Thracian women"
Savery, Roelant
1577 Kortrijk - (front) 1639 Utrecht

"Orpheus and the Thracian women". Oil on oak wood. 27.5 x 40.5 cm. Signed and dated lower left: Roelant / Savery f / 1624. Frame.

On the Board the old exhibition or auction label.

Dr. Klaus So Now, Lingen 05. May 2004.

The auctioned painting features the variance of the depicted animal characters, illustrated in a fantastic mountain landscape with a ruined tower. Significantly for the present work is that the mythological scene, which gives the painting its title, is moved in the right Background of the image is visible to a point of insignificance to the edge of the action. Orpheus, to detect only dimly in the light from the stepped portion, is trying to put in front of the tower ruins against the attack by the Thracian women to the military.
In the mythology, origin of action, Orpheus is the son of the tharkischen river God Oiagros and of calliope, one of the nine muses. At the same time, he is a God gifted singer and kithara player. The irresistible magic of his singing, which gives him Power over the creatures of nature - what to do in this Paradise-like presentation, we have shown, can not ignore the Hades and returns him to a snake bite, dead wife, Eurydice, under the condition that Orpheus not turn around before Reaching the top of the world after his wife. When he violates this commandment, disappears Eurydice forever. In the grief over this loss, Orpheus is torn to a misogynist and of the Thracian maenads.
Roelant Savery has dealt with the representations of Orpheus surrounded by animals much more frequently than others his contemporaries. Typical for him, and at the same time, it is surprising only that he painted over and over again, the theme of Orpheus, but this is a mythological singer in many of the images in the Background, often very well hidden, "occur", as in our painting, in which the animals and the ruined tower of the actual "main characters". His real interest is in the design of the landscape and of the many, often exotic animals, which he prefers in his Paradise landscapes.

"...The paintings of Maastricht ("Orpheus and the Thracian women", 27.5 x 42cm, Bonnefanten Museum) is a variant according to the reviewer. This constitutes in its entirety a unit of overwhelming beauty, such as Savery has this in the period around 1624."

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Note Roelant Savery
Expert Opinion Dr. Klaus So Now

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