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Qing Dynasty, 18th Century. / 19. Century.
Rare large depiction of the popular Bodhisattva Guanyin (Guanyin Pusa), is revered in China as the goddess and in Buddhism, the Avalokitesvara represents, as it is called in Sanskrit. Guanyin sits, one leg is flat and angled, the other pulled up. In one Hand, a font is held in role, the index finger is stretched out. This may be an indication that this Guanyin is associated with a Prajnaparamita is a Bodhisattva of the “tranzendentalen wisdom” and “mother of all Buddhas”, the attribute, the Pustaka (book). However, it is taken in China for the pleasure of “Guanyin”, especially since this is considered the “mother deity” par excellence. Fine-nobel-formed face with a beautiful feminine profile, and with red is inlaid Urna. Very high, of a cloth-covered Chignon. In the hair above the forehead in a Lotus flower plug-in gem on the chest, large pearl, close to the breast self-hanging (as in China at that time usual - hardly feminine pronounced). The enamel decoration is of the continuous tendrils and floral with Lotus flowers and leaf, in the head area, the webs are gold-plated. This yellow Bronze is particularly patinated dark, which gives the whole expression a fühlsam mystically tuned Introversion. On the bottom of a small plate with a retrospective period name Ming is used in seal script (Da Ming Xuande nian zhi).

Starting price: € 9.000
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Expertise: Wolfmar Zacken
From a private Swiss collection, then the collection of Sohel Chawla, New Delhi - Vienna
Sohel Chawla, a successful business man from Delhi who has lived several years in Vienna. The part of his collection that we offer here, was mainly acquired from the Viennese art trade. The main reason of its collecting activities, the know with a lot of expertise, sense of quality and a high level of commitment was borne, was the establishment of a private Asia Museum in his hometown, in New Delhi. Due to a serious illness, it was impossible for him to realize his Plan, and he therefore decided to pass the entire complex of the "Vienna collection" to us for sale.
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