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Grey Slate
2. to 3. Century.
Maitreya (skr., "the Gracious") is one of the oldest representations of a Bodhisattva and is also in the art of Gandhara in this relationship is heading. Maitreya has a heroic physique, wearing clothes in the Hellenistic style, as well as heavy jewellery. In the hair is a crown with a Stupa Symbol on the Front and Lotus flowers on the sides. Significantly, for this Bodhisattva the nectar-vessel with the long-elixir of life held in brokatener cladding (for Gandhara typical) in one Hand. The facial features are open and youthful, the high rectangular base, the Maitreya bloßfüßig, is decorated on three sides with a large Lotus blossom. Very well defined age characteristics, a Hand, a good is missing, otherwise, the sculpture will appear to be attractive and let the end of the Receipt part of it all! On a wooden Base.

Starting price: € 4.500
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From the collection of a French noble family, which goes back to Évariste Regis Huc Évariste Regis Huc (1813 – 1860), a French missionary and Explorer who became world-famous through his crossing of the Mongolia, Tibet and China. He is also likely to be the first Europeans to have been reached in 1846, Lhasa. The collection was recorded in 1967 in a systematic and documented, however without further details of when the objects were acquired. 法國貴族家舊藏。原來被有名冒險家,傳教士Évariste Regis Huc (1813 – 1860) 帶回歐洲。這位收藏家於19世紀中期在蒙古,西藏以及中國大量旅遊,很有可能他作為第一個歐洲人於1846年進去拉薩市。他的亞洲美術品收藏於1967年被仔細紀錄及敘述,雖然他原來拿到大部分單獨藏品的材料很難找到
The numbers 186 – 195 offer rare sculptures and bas-Reliefs from Gandhara, former West - India, Pakistan today. Gandhara, a province in the ancient Graeco-Bactrian Kingdom. The Hellenistic influence came there because of the campaign of Alexander d. Gr. In Gandhara (in addition to the Indian Mathura), the first Buddha-portraits of history. You are unique in your blend between Indian and Greek-Roman style, and interestingly has also held the then-developed iconography of the representations unchanged to this day. Buddha depictions from Gandhara count among the great rarities in the art market.
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