Lot 4291. Sundial: a rare Equatorial sundial Butterfield dial, Menant Paris, 1700

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Lot 4291Sundial: a rare Equatorial sundial Butterfield dial, Menant Paris, 1700
Approx. 7 × 6.5 cm, brass, typical of the 8-sided shape, hand-engraved plate, folding adjustable shade in a triangle hinge, a typical bird index for the adjustment from the 40.-60. Latitude, compass, reverse with Latitudes of various European cities, very nice condition, fully functional, signed Menant, Paris, listed watchmaker in the late 17th century. Century., for the last time in 1743 mentioned. The Butterfield dial is a type of semi-universal horizontal dial, for the first time in the second half of the 17th century. Century was made. It owes its name to the British instrument maker, Michael Butterfield, who lived in Paris and worked. Michael Butterfield (*1635; †28. In may 1724, Paris) was a Paris-active English manufacturer of scientific instruments. Since about 1663 in Paris, he ran a workshop for precision instruments, under the name of Aux Armes d'angleterre. The workshop was initially located in the district of the Faubourg Saint-Germain, in the rue Neuve-des-Fossés (1678), on the Quai de l'horloge (1691). Butterfield built, among other things, surveying instruments, but was mainly due to its portable Horizontal sundials with a compass and an octagonal dial is known.

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