THREE PIECES FROM THE SWAN SERVICE MADE FOR KING ALBERT OF SAXONY. Meissen. Loft to 1897/98. Models by Johann Joachim Kaendler and Johann Friedrich Eberlein.

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Lot 1192THREE PIECES FROM THE SWAN SERVICE MADE FOR KING ALBERT OF SAXONY. Meissen. Loft to 1897/98. Models by Johann Joachim Kaendler and Johann Friedrich Eberlein.
Meissen. Loft to 1897/98. Models by Johann Joachim Kaendler and Johann Friedrich Eberlein.

I. table attachment Glaucus with a candy shell
Porcelain, coloured and gold equipped. On the moving shaft socket large, fully plastic carved figure of a sea God with geschupptem fish tail, long hair and beard Over his left shoulder, looking he attacks with his Left to the back, and with his Right hand in the conch shell on his head. Muscles and Tendons, as well as the facial features and hair Glaucus’, are usually modeled.
Height 45.5 cm, width about 34 cm. Condition B.
Swords mark, shape number 233, 130, 120.

II tureen with Dolphin
Porcelain, coloured and gold equipped. On four curved volutes feet oval, curved body with a shell of ribs, a slightly reduced variant of the Swan-reliefs. The pages have leaves of Reeds. The high-domed lid, also with swans and herons in Relief, surmounted by a carved knob in the shape of a Dolphin on a Shell.
Height 27 cm, width 34 cm. Condition A/B.
Swords mark, shape number 1482 marked.

III. vegetable bowl
Porcelain, coloured and gold equipped. Round, exhibited a slight increase Form. In the mirror, raised shell structures, colored a Swan equipped with couple of moving water with fish and shellfish. On the left side of the fish stand to make a flying Heron with a fish in its Beak, another Heron on the scene. To framed both sides through the Reeds. Below the rim under the Saxon king's crown, the Wettin house, king albert of Saxony coat of arms, together with the Three crowns coat of arms of Queen Carola's of Saxony.
Height 6,5 cm, ø 29 cm. Condition A.
Sword brand, in the form of numbers 62 and 1 embossed.

- King Albert of Saxony.
- Martin Richter, glass and Porcelain wholesaler, Dresden-Neustadt. In 1942, the Association ‘the house of Wettin - Albertini cher line’ e. V. purchased.
- By succession, still family-owned today.

Original invoice for the purchase of the dining ware from the 3. July, 1942.

Loesch, Anette: varieties of brühl's Swan service, in: Ausst.-Cat.: The Swan service of Meissen porcelain for Heinrich Graf von Brühl, ed.: Ulrich Pietsch, Dresden 2000, P. 79-86.

The three present pieces originate from a previously undocumented, splendid Service from the possession of king albert (1828-1902), and Queen Carola's of Saxony (1833-1907).
It is a post-forming of the famous Meissen Swan services, originally created for Heinrich Graf von Brühl (1700-1763), from the end of the 19th century. Century.
The Service of the Saxon Royal couple included at least 227 parts and wears on the plates and bowls each of the Saxon house of king albert's coat of arms with the Three crowns coat of arms of Queen Carola's under-Saxon king's crown. In contrast to the original Service of the count of Brühl is the time to taste, in delicate pastel shades equipped.

As Anette Loesch in her Chapter on ‘varieties of brühl's Swan service’ is running (Loesch (2000), p. 82), is assigned on the basis of sources that Queen Carola of Saxony, on the 4. August 1897 visited for an hour the Dresden branch of the Meissner porcelain manufactory, and a listing of all the existing forms from the Swan service requested. Your focus was probably mostly on large decorative pieces that you wanted to give to the king on special occasions. A few months earlier, the chamber Mr Franz Oswald von Trützschler Baron to Falkenstein for the Saxon court in the case of the manufacture had to ask a centrepiece in ‘the Swan with children figure’ from the brühl's Service and a job prospect (ibid.). This centrepiece was commissioned by the house of Brühl in the arts and crafts Museum of Berlin, and you had to ask for its use as a template for the descendants of Heinrich Graf von brühl, Friedrich Franz Graf von Brühl (1848-1911),. This is a re-shaping of the Swan service parts, said first of all, in order to reduce the uniqueness and the value of family services, agreed, but in the loan for a single impression for the Queen.
That is where the trail runs, as the final order of Queen Carola's and the extent of that, as far as is known, is not occupied by the surviving sources (ibid. P. 84 and p. 86).

This gap can now be at least a little:
According to a Original present proof of purchase of the Dresdner traders Martin Richter acquired in July 1942, the 227 parts of the comprehensive ‘food dishes king Albert of Saxony, count Brühl-design’ of the descendants of king albert, the Association's ‘house of Wettin-Albertini cher line e. V.’, a part of his money.
The former purchase price was the sum of 16,000 Reichsmarks, and in addition to food, soups and dessert plates are also listed large centrepieces in the collection. "2 ho. Swans with young", probably the impressions of the above-mentioned essay from the arts and crafts Museum in Berlin, as well as the three presented here are pieces of: "2 large towers with fruit bowl" (Glaucus with candy dish), "2 mttl. ov. Soup tureens with lid" (a Terrine with a Dolphin), "4 gr. Round fl. Vegetables Bowls" (A Vegetable Dish).

Martin Richter led in Dresden-Neustadt, a glass - and-porcelain large-scale action, which had, in addition to the large exhibition, office and storage rooms, a private railway connection.
In order to protect the precious porcelain from the chaos of the war, it was Packed in big boxes and in a remote Mine, or a cave in the Erzgebirge stored.
Here it was without prejudice to the war, whereas the dwelling house and all commercial premises were destroyed in the bomb attack on Dresden.
After the founding of the GDR, the company was expropriated plot of land. The porcelain, however, could be rescued by it was hidden fittings in various cellars.
It is a great pleasure for us to be able to in the context of this auction are three parts of this long-lost Service.

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