„ФАЗЕНДА“ Leinwand Acrylfarbe Abstrakte Kunst Mythologische Malerei 2019

Zustand: | Vorhanden | Russland, Togliatti
€ 25 000
Sergey Babkov
Sergey Babkov. "ФАЗЕНДА"
Акрил, лак, холст на оргалите, 30 х 30 см

Informationen zum Künstler

На сайте www.peacevswar.info в разделе "О картине" есть информация о моем творчестве: http://www.peacevswar.info/about%20rus.htm
RUSSIAN NEOSUPREMATISM is the latest trend in contemporary art, founded by Sergey Babkov, Russian artist and innovator in the first half of the second decade of the XXI century.
RUSSIAN NEOSUPREMATISM is the superiority of meaning over form and color.
RUSSIAN NEOSUPREMATISM are thoughts, set on the flatness of a canvas.
RUSSIAN NEOSUPREMATISM is the philosophy of restoring the true mission of fine arts.
RUSSIAN NEOSUPREMATISM is the divine revelation sent down from above for the whole world.
See more: http://www.peacevswar.info/about%20eng.htm

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