About the artist

Do you need an artist 's name? His education and fame? I don 't have that. But I am more than sure that my own style, which I developed for more than 15 years, studying painting on my own, is unique. You can make sure by looking at my painting. It is because I have not been influenced by any schools and academic postulates. I didn 't have teachers, I didn 't take lessons. But I admired the beautiful painting of the great masters, I cried from admiration of their works, being present in the world galleries. I concluded that the artist is not someone who has a higher art education (although I welcome this). An artist is someone who cannot live without creativity. Painting is not just a hobby for me. Painting is my life, love and salvation. I 'm happy when I create painting. I experience incredible emotions and even physical satisfaction, similar to orgasm. My life was complicated and dramatic, and only painting saved me in any situation. In each of my works - spiritual experience, emotion, life. And I want to share that with the whole universe.



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