About the artist

Romaya Puchman.


Graduated from the Art Institute, Baku, Azerbaijan.

From 1991 live and work in Israel.

Romaya's art exhibitions were held in USA, Canada, Israel and Azerbaijan and her works can be found in many private collections in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.
Romaya is a winner of 123SOHO 2005 AWARD.
Romaya’s art reflects she’s Asian background.She’s oriental images acquired an added meaning after she’s arrival in she’s adopted country--Israel. A rare blend of the old and thenew create a wonderful visions of light, colour and form.

Romaya's paintings are the realism of she's mystic inner world. Romaya's portraits of women explore modern concepts of beauty and representation.

Romaya's creative world is filled with he atmosphere of the Orient, with its delicate and spicy head-spinning aromas. This not a real and tangible world, but rather an imaginary and poetic one. It is very authentic, though, in its perception by the artist.

Her Paintings are full of Power and Harmony.
As an Artist it is important for her to give to the Observer a positive Feeling


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