antique chandeliers

Antique chandeliers

Sia's song about swinging from a chandelier has reminded many persons of the beauty and strength of that object.

Chandeliers are big golden or silver lights that are hung on ceilings. It has multiple lights and parts and could either be round or specially shaped.

They have been used to decorate Museums, special centers, halls of repute and homes of cutting edge designs.

Table Chandelier, Art DecoTable Chandelier, Art Deco
Lot 345Table Chandelier, Art Deco
Price:  CHF 340
  CHF 340
0D : 18H : 18M left
Germany, 1920–30s. Silver. Mostly brand HKJ. Domed oval foot, in 2 horizontal chandelier arms with 2 nozzles and a Central ball-and-decor. Half Moon/Crown, Master's Mark, The Fineness Of 835. L 39 cm, approx. 700 g.- Signs of wear.
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1 Pair Of Disc Chandelier1 Pair Of Disc Chandelier
Lot 5471 Pair Of Disc Chandelier
Price:  CHF 1 000
  CHF 1 000
0D : 18H : 18M left
In late-Gothic style, 16. Century. Bronze. Multiple getreppter around the foot. The shaft 3 scharfgratige discs organized. In the getreppte drip tray riveted iron plate with the mandrel. H 32.5 cm.- Traces of age and use. Small harmful and repair.
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Chandeliers, of twelve lights switched onChandeliers, of twelve lights switched on
Lot 159Chandeliers, of twelve lights switched on
Price:  € 4 000
  € 4 000
0D : 23H : 18M left
(Mountain), crystal pendants with faceted beads, drops and flowers. Restoration., electrified. H. 100 cm.Rest., electrifiedDimensions: H. 100 cm.
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Price:  € 1 440
  € 1 440
2D : 20H : 18M left
Murano, Mid 20's. Century, of circular Form with 6 curved light arms on Balusterschaft with drip cups and lace edges, blanket statements and the completion of ball, decor in the Form of flowers and leaves, HxD: approx. 100/80 cm. Minimal Traces Of Age.
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SA Navy sturmbann II/44 - candle chandelier.SA Navy sturmbann II/44 - candle chandelier.
Lot 2020SA Navy sturmbann II/44 - candle chandelier.
Price:  € 80
  € 80
17D : 19H : 18M left
Silver-plated, with dedication engraving "Our S. A.-comrade Georg Schulz in loyal attachment to Marine sturmbann II/44 Kiel, the 30.5.1934.".
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Antique Chandeliers

Create a stunning view at your interiors with antique chandeliers. These objects are still modern day design phenomena and only the best gets them.

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