gramophone antiques

Antiques gramophone

Gramophone is a musical instrument that is used to transfer and transmit sounds through far distances. They are the earliest forms of what we have today as industrial speakers.

Gramophone dates as far back as the 18th century. When the need for micro speakers and voice magnification arose, men soon invented gramophone to solve the problem.

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Gramophone Antiques

Why gramophone antiques?

You may be asking why? what's the big deal? And what makes them so different?

Our answer? Everything!

Antique gramophone carries deep and ancient designs and sometimes, even inscriptions. It would not be an error to call these categories of voice magnifiers, beautiful.

You could view our catalogs and let the facts speaks for itself.


Old Wind Up Gramophones

This is a special kind, class or category of gramophone. It is a selection that is made to transmit sounds with wind waves and vacuum air.

These days, there are 3 major types of purchasers of this product:

  • Lovers of gramophone and antiques: this class use it for decoration;
  • Users of the object who want it for either production needs or artistic purposes.

Which category are you?

With an identification of what you want, you could easily make your choice from the available Selections and enjoy the old time in present day.