antique finger ring

Antique finger ring

Imagine having an antique finger ring in available at your collection. These very beautiful ornaments, with rare patterns have enough history attached to them. In this article, we are going to be talking about the awesomeness of antique finger rings!

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Lot 4252Anhängeuhr/Formuhr/signet: as a Museum, and probab...
Price:  € 7 500
  € 7 500
10D : 14H : 36M left
Approx. 30 × 45mm, approx 35.5 g, 18K Gold, excellent, very solid housing quality, elaborately decorated in the Form of a lidded vase or urn in the ground is inserted, a seal of stone from agate, bottom hinged, very finely crafted hinge, including the 1. hidden poison compartment, the lid also hinge...
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Special Rings

You will agree with me that Antique finger rings are really special. They can adorn your fingers and make your jewelry collection richer! With enough history attached to them you may even want to go ahead and study them.


Histories that intrigues:

  • Some antique finger rings have patterns, which could have some hidden messages.

Imagine having Rings that were worn by ancient Greek citizens as your own; or even rings with great Egyptian markings and inscriptions. Great right?

One thing is sure, antique finger rings could make your jewelry collection worth a fortune!