auction of jewelry

Auction of jewelry

Jewelries are beautiful piece of adorning elements that are made for the compliment and beautification of the body. If you have ever had a jewelry loving woman around, you’d agree with us that this class of additions and adornment is no joke. Having established that jewelry is an important part of every woman’s wardrobe it becomes more cliché to add that this gets even better with antiquity!

Antique jewelries are simply stunning and irresistible. A perfect mix of beautiful antique with the right dress results in a most dignifying unique non modern but beautiful look like no other.

Auction of jewelry could be exciting. We all know jewelries are adorning factors and the delight of ladies and jewelry loving men alike. It simply fits well for and with everyone; it could compliment a dress, a fashionable purse or even the color of your eyes!

Lot: 1 amulet container, 1 part of a prayer mill, and 1 hair jewelryLot: 1 amulet container, 1 part of a prayer mill, and 1 hair jewelry
Lot 1021Lot: 1 amulet container, 1 part of a prayer mill, ...
Price:  CHF 200
  CHF 200
0D : 16H : 3M left
Tibet. Amulet container (G'au) made of silver and copper, set with Turquoise. H 10, B 10. / Upper part of a prayer mill made of silver plated metal. H 10.5. / Hair jewelry made of silver and metal, set with Turquoise. Back loose. L 5.5 cm.
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Lot 1041Adornment
Price:  CHF 500
  CHF 500
0D : 16H : 3M left
China, 1.Half of the 20. Century. Gold-plated silver filigree studded with turquoise-Oval. Consisting of a Bracelet, a Pair of Ohrschrauben, a finger ring and a brooch. Bracelet and finger ring with the hallmark "SILVER". L 18 (Bracelet), L 2,2 (Ohrschrauben), D 1,7 (Ring, adjustable Size)...
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Martin Jewelry Co.Martin Jewelry Co.
Lot 2403Martin Jewelry Co.
Price:  CHF 2 500
  CHF 2 500
0D : 16H : 3M left
Round, mechanical Chronograph with Rattrapante around 1920, hand-wound in 585 yellow gold case, approx. 24 g. lid engraved, case number 1233, D 44 mm. White enamel dial with Roman hours numbers, pear hands, Central chronograph and rattrapante hands, seconds display, 30 minutes display. Signs of wear...
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Auction of Jewelry


On this site, we provide you with a well-organized department for auction of jewelries. This department specializes in stocking that exhilarating antique brand name of your choice check and see, you might be in luck if it is still available. We create a platform for swift auction of jewelry that starts and stop whenever you want! This site is simply available all and every time. For example, our online jewelry auction features a variety of vintage products that are must haves and unique antiquities.


Jewelry products


Experience and take opportunity of our vintage jewelry auction that comes your way like no other. Through this platform, the system gathers multiple categories of antique jewelries and guarantees the safety of upcoming deliveries. The following jewelry products are available:

  • Brooches (of different types);
  • Bracelets;
  • Rings (Including earrings);
  • Hairpins etc.

It is important to keep in mind that these antiques are usually rare, made uniquely with precious stones in the days of old and with varying values and cost dependent on its peculiarities.

We must also mention that apart from a wide range of choice that you have; you can for example also surf, learn about antiques that you like, and gather information about them pending your auction date.

On our site, we offer you the opportunity to get auction of a variety of jewelries, at anytime, from anywhere, be it your office, your bed room, at the mall or in the kitchen. Every process is online and adapted to suit your time and convenience including for example:

  • Contemporary;
  • Ancient designs and looks.


Vintage Jewelry Auction


Get vintage, latest, and high quality antique jewelries from our auction antique site. It offers you a variety of jewelries with different kinds, unique designs and amazing looks.

Auction jewelry for sale:

You can always auction jewelry for sale today, tomorrow and as long as you can think of. We are going to be around just for you. But before you decide to delay for too long, we advice that you auction, put up your items, be it a gold ring, an ear ring, a bracelet or otherwise now and get best bids for them, or buy at best rates now. The earlier the better right?