antique mantel clock

Antique mantel clock

Mantle clocks are complimentary fire place designers and room addictives. They come in varieties and style, but they all serve one purpose, 'complimenting and designing a chosen space'.

Mantel clock with candle setMantel clock with candle set
Lot 3934Mantel clock with candle set
Price:  CHF 400
  CHF 400
1D : 16H : 53M left
France, 19. Century. Rich with vines, ornamental bronze housing, with a glazed, decorated bronze ring summary paragraph of the work and the door. On the housing front, a couple in Love is painted on enamel. A painted enamel turrets with a bronze sträusschen forms the conclusion. Finely decorated ena...
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Mantel Clock John. Schweiser Zurich with glass shadeMantel Clock John. Schweiser Zurich with glass shade
Lot 3935Mantel Clock John. Schweiser Zurich with glass sha...
Price:  CHF 500
  CHF 500
1D : 16H : 53M left
Switzerland, 19. Century. Black wood housing in a lyre shape on a gold-plated Ziermessing provided Socket. The lyre is decorated with gold plated brass appliqués. The Chapter ring with Roman numerals and signature, "John Schweiser à Zurich" is framed in a gold-plated bezel and the dial cen...
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Mantel clock with garnitureMantel clock with garniture
Lot 3936Mantel clock with garniture
Price:  CHF 800
  CHF 800
1D : 16H : 53M left
Probably Italy, In The Early 20th Century. Century. Gold coloured, ornate, carved wooden Cabinet. Side two standing Puttis made of Alabaster. Bright Chapter ring with Roman hours numbers. Dial centre with Zierblech. Breguet pointer. Armature spring. Two of the candle sets in the same version, each w...
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Antique Mantel Clock

It gets better with antique mantel clocks. For example:

  • Antiquity blesses every material with uniqueness and distinctiveness and antique mantle clocks are not an exception.

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