antique paintings

Antique paintings

Antique paintings can be regarded as one source of beautiful and artistic antiquity. We believe you would agree that paintings are an integral part of every well-coordinated auction exercise. As such, antique auction categories are absolutely incomplete if there are no paintings available for dealers. In this article, we will discuss the auction of paintings and picture auction on this platform and how you can key into it for best deals and trusted antiquities.

Paintings could be defined in this context to mean pictorial and artistic representation of aesthetics, beauty and ideas in portraits and frame-able sheets. They are simply put, drawn pictures and photographic representation of idea and minds. Renowned painters of both old and new times use choice of images, pattern of drawings, and color combinations to communicate ideas and radiate beauty.

We offer you the opportunity to auction pictures, portraits and drawings.

Pictures, portraits and drawings are a unique kind of art work. They are amazing and they have the capacity to attract a lot of persons. The good news is that you can now sell old paintings, by putting them up for sale on antique auctions and you can also bid and buy leading pictures and epic portraits.

Brooch with miniature painting on ceramic,Brooch with miniature painting on ceramic,
Lot 238Brooch with miniature painting on ceramic,
Price:  € 110
  € 110
6D : 14H : 28M left
Fassung aus Bronze, ca. 5x3,6 cm, ovales Frauenportrait, leichte Kratzer, 2. H. 19. Jahrhundert. Brooch with miniature painting on ceramic, bronce, ca. 5x3,6 cm, slightly scratched, 2nd half 19th cent..
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Painting of a hunting scene. PERSIA.Painting of a hunting scene. PERSIA.
Lot 1159Painting of a hunting scene. PERSIA.
Price:  € 200
  € 200
6D : 14H : 28M left
Depiction of four horsemen in the Chase. Polychrome damaged gouache painting on a plate, in finely inlaid with ornate Khatam Kari wood frame, 35,5x63,5 cm. A Persian Painting presentation a hunting. Wooden frame, khatam kari, 35,5x63,5 cm, minor damages.
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GRIESHABER, HAP (1909-1981), GRIESHABER, HAP (1909-1981),
Lot 1805GRIESHABER, HAP (1909-1981), "the dance of death o...
Price:  € 500
  € 500
6D : 14H : 28M left
Dresden: VEB Verlag der Kunst, Printer: Leipzig press, 1966. Contains 40 colour woodcuts and related texts, leash, no band. Light of the age and creases, the paper of the book block to a minimum. dissolved, cover slightly damaged. GRIESHABER, HAP (1909-1981), "the dance of death of Basel, with...
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Antique paintings


We have a large variety of antique paintings available for bids. As a matter of fact, some of these paintings are declared on all grounds to be world best. These antique paintings range from recent and easily accessible work of contemporary painters, down to early time and old artifacts, some easy to get and many more falling under other rare brands.

Best deals


With our online antique auction of paintings there are large chances of getting best deals from those declared on all facets to be available. You can easily choose from, and make a choice that suits your pocket, fall within the range of your budget and also satisfy your antique taste. You can enjoy convenient best deals because there are more than a large number of available antiques that you can choose from. Now you can for example:

  • View and participate in the auction of paintings;
  • Get antique paintings that are suitable for your interior designing and;
  • Enjoy these paintings at any chosen interior.

Leading auction house


Ours is one of the leading auction houses, it is easily accessible, well composed, and it is a very suitable place to market off your old pictures and paintings to potential antique lovers and bidders.

Artistic antique


We would like to define picture auction as the place where art meets antiquity. Don't you agree? This combination is simply superb and unique and on our site it is not just upcoming but established. We also offer you better results than ever.

You have a variety of pictures to choose from, for example we have pictures by:

  • Le Feubure, Carl;
  • Jungblut, Johanne, etc.

Log in today, surf and view our long list of various unique and beautiful antique paintings. If you have a deep sense and flare for picture antiques, the time to start bidding is right now!

See you at the auction lot.