antique silver cigarette case

Antique silver cigarette case

Cigarette cases have been around the block for over a century. They can make a statement of style and also accessorize and protect your cigars.

They are more pleasing silhouette to the eyes than ordinary cigarette packs.

Imagine an antique cigarette case, only this time; make it silver and vintage. With that, you make more than a statement; you set standards!

There are lots of these cases in the market, while some are real, others are not. So, before we proceed, let’s share the attributes of real silver cigarette cases and tips on how you can identify a true one.

How to identify an antique silver cigarette case:

  • Check the date information: century silver smiths always inscribe the date of fabrication on their cigarette cases. Look out for it before you buy one.
  • Use Magnets: Yes, magnets can be used to know if a case is made of pure silver or mere mixtures of metal. Silver do not attract magnet, so, if the case does, it isn’t vintage.
  • Check for Stamp or branding: old silver smiths also accompany their works with their stamp to show its origin.

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