Aik Grigoryan. Miles Davis

Location:Russia, Moscow
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Aik Grigoryan. Miles Davis
Everyone in life is at least one lost day. On such a day, as a rule, I think: "something's wrong with me. From now on, I will never be the same".
Just like that day I roamed the streets. Quarter over quarter. Hour-by-hour. Despite the fact that I knew the area, the streets seemed strange and unfamiliar.
Only when it got dark, I suddenly thought that it would be nice somewhere to have a drink. Somehow I wanted a Scotch on the rocks. A little ahead, I saw an institution that resembled a jazz bar. I opened the door and entered. Eyes were opened to a small rectangular room with a bar and a couple tables. Visitors could not see. Played jazz.
Sitting at the counter, I ordered a double Bourbon. "Something's wrong with me. From now on, I will never be the same," thought I, sipping whiskey.
— To put something? a short time later asked the young bartender.
Looking at it, I thought. To put anything? I suddenly wanted to listen to something. Just? I was at a loss. "Check "Four & More"", — decided I finally. Just for some reason remembered the gloomy black cover vinyl.
Selecting a record by miles Davis, the bartender ran the player. Looking at the glass of ice, I listened to side A. It was what I needed. I still think so. At the time I had to listen to "Four & More".
On "Four & More" miles plays with feeling, that is, on all hundred. The pace of the game frantic, you can tell the caller. Miles, as a magician, instantly fills the smallest spaces, resulting in clear, correct rhythms, Tony Williams. He asks nothing and gets in return. In his game, no sympathy, no pity. The miles game is "action" in the truest sense of the word.
Listening to "Walkin'" (the tough and aggressive "Walkin'" was ever played by miles), I realized that my body does not feel pain. At least some time before miles blowing his trumpet, I can afford not to feel anything... I ordered another whiskey. Long ago it was.

Haruki Murakami's "Jazz Portraits"
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