Aleksandr Starodubov. Moscow winter. Moscow winter.

Location:Russia, Moscow
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Aleksandr Starodubov. Moscow winter. Moscow winter.
Moscow winter. Scenery. Center. Zamoskvorechye. Temple of the Holy Martyr Clement of the Pope.
Moscow winter. Landscape. Center. Zamoskvorechye. The temple of Martyr Clement the Pope
About the artist
Alexander was fond of painting since childhood, showing exceptional ability and easily winning prizes in contests and competitions in the fine arts, but did not think that this hobby would become his profession and calling.
Born in 1959 in Moscow, the son of a diplomat and military career of the military has been predetermined for him since childhood. And it did. First, MAI (1977), followed by service as an officer in the Armed Forces, studied at the Academy of Missile Forces them. Peter the Great, a promotion. And when it seemed that only the stars in front and success, Alexander abruptly changes his destiny. He retires from the Army (1990) and chooses the path of the artist's formidable Montmartre of Moscow - Old Arbat free, from which later turned out many well-known talented artists.
Favourite genre of the artist - the urban landscape, the species leaving the old Moscow, sometimes with elements of fantasy, Bulgakov motives. His works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. Series of works acquired Bulgakov Museum in Toronto.
Looking at his paintings of Old Moscow, all the time trying to understand where decommissioned or that story. You see the familiar architectural objects, churches, houses, streets, and often can not understand where does this particular place ...
Only after careful consideration you realize that the whole of Moscow Starodubova, this is painfully familiar and similar to reality, in essence the imagination of the artist!
Perhaps it is true that a picture of A. Starodubova like to buy Moscow officials and MPs ... His works were exhibited in numerous exhibitions and many paintings have found their way into various collections both in Russia and abroad.

Russian Art Week 2011 (Spring) 1st and 3rd place in the prefecture. "Landscape". ArtPreview-2011-finalist winner.

Since 2011 member ТСХР (Creative Union of Russian Artists) and International Federation of Artists.
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