Alex Manchev. Neighborhood watch 1/10

Location:Bulgaria, Sofia
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Alex Manchev. Neighborhood watch 1/10
The Freedom Project" is the childhood dream of a young boy. Boy that wanted to capture the beauty of the world around him through the lenses of his camera. Time passed by and his vision of beauty evolved. Curves, the symbol of nature and reconciliation. A contour outlining the delicacy of the female body. Tender skin, shining hair, soft lips, beautiful tights. The Woman.

As a fine art photographer, I, Alex Manchev, wish to show you the raw beauty of a woman's body. To capture the wildness of the female arch, and confess her neat soul.

Society is unaware of the wonder named nudity. It is shameful to reveal a piece of self-story that has left a mark on your skin. Disgrace, outrage, ache. Dogmas and stereotypes. Common perception of a society, craving for admirations to the goddess of creation. A moment anticipated in time.

Paper print of art nude photography 60x40cm. Pigmented photographic print, 100+ years of image permanence, on 100% cotton based aquarelle board, 640 gsm, 4 deckle edges, hand-coated with Ilford Creative Emulsion, for ultimate image reproduction.
About the artist
My name is Alex Manchev, I am a fine art photographer capturing the wildness, raw beauty and freedom of female nudity.
  • 30.10.2017 30.30.30, San Stefano Gallery, Sofia
  • 18.04.2018 La sensualità femminile, Luce, Rome