Painting “ДВОЕ”, полимерные смолы, Oil, Россия Санкт-Петербург, 2021

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Location: Russia, St.Petersburg
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Иосиф Бродский
Когда теряет равновесие
твое сознание усталое,
когда ступеньки этой лестницы
уходят из под ног,
как палуба,
когда плюет на человечество
твое ночное одиночество, --

ты можешь
размышлять о вечности
и сомневаться в непорочности
идей, гипотез, восприятия
произведения искусства,
и -- кстати -- самого зачатия
Мадонной сына Иисуса.

Но лучше поклоняться данности
с глубокими ее могилами,
которые потом,
за давностью,
покажутся такими милыми.
Лучше поклоняться данности
с короткими ее дорогами,
которые потом
до странности
покажутся тебе
покажутся большими,
усеянными компромиссами,
покажутся большими крыльями,
покажутся большими птицами.

Да. Лучше поклонятся данности
с убогими ее мерилами,
которые потом до крайности,
послужат для тебя перилами
(хотя и не особо чистыми),
удерживающими в равновесии
твои хромающие истины
на этой выщербленной лестнице.

ID: 46732
Artist: Alex SAVART (b. 1958)
Originality: Original from the artist
Year of manufacture: 2021
Applied technique: Oil, эксклюзивная авторская объемная
Medium: полимерные смолы, синтетические наполнители
Size: 80 x 122 x 3 cm
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Country or place of origin: Россия Санкт-Петербург
Object type: Painting, Абстрактная картина, картина интерьерная
Keywords: Painting for the interior, мужчина подарок элитный, подарок богатому, подарок руководитель, эксклюзивный подарок

Information about the artist

Alexey Smirnov is a contemporary, distinctive artist working at junction of fine art with its inherent esthetics and contemporary art with its intentional “madness”, challenge and hidden meaning.
For many years the painter have been trying to find himself. Never copying any of his colleagues-artists he refined his mastership, searched for his own artistic language. Soon these endeavours began to produce results – Alexey formed his original bright and remarkable volume technique of painting works of art.
The creative work of Alexey Smirnov differs with his enhanced sensitive perception of life, search of new means of expression consonant with modern times. The principal theme of Alexey Smirnov’s art is modernity. In his works the perception of environment loses its single-valuedness. Almost each painting makes the viewer to contemplate it long while, provoking a number of associations and deliberations. In his works one can often observe the collision of the mundane and the fantastic, interlacing of lyric and grotesque, romance and irony.
The characteristic feature of the author’s plastic language is a sharp feel of colouring, expression and fascination with texture, all of it allowing realize both formal decorative and conceptual psychologic tasks. Through the half-opened door of his art the author invites the viewer to make a step into the unknown, where vibrations of picturesque lines, gorgeous forms and fantastic constructions are filled with sense and obtain their ethereal tangibility, transform into structures of the World around us. The World consisting not of things and subjects but of essences, powers and energies. The play of lines of the picture, surfaces of colour and space in the artist’s compositions form metaphorical image of beingness, put in motion the viewer’s intellect, encouraging him for self-perfection and finding knowledge of eternal secrets of the universe.