“The wonders of Loshitsa Park” Romanticism Landscape painting 2014

$ 1 990
Location: Byelorussia, Минск
Alexandr Vlasyuk. The wonders of Loshitsa Park
Evening in Loshitsa Park ... Mirage - Woman ... the Way past the owner of Loshitsa estate.
ID: 9785
Artist: Alexandr Vlasyuk (b. 1948)
Year of manufacture: 2014
Size: 95 см x 70 см x 1 см cm
Style: Romanticism
Genre: Landscape painting

Information about the artist

Alexander Vlasyuk

He was born in 1948 in Belarus.
1967-1971-study of the Minsk Art College.
1971-1977 - studies at the Academy of Arts, Minsk, Belarus.

1978- Vilnius, Lithuania.
1981-Moscow, Minsk.
1983-1991-series of works in Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus.
1992-2001 - solo exhibitions in the cities of Germany (Bremen, Hanover, Berlin, Wolfenbuttel, Woczlede)

Embassy of Turkey, Minsk.
Embassy of China, Minsk.
City Hall of Japan, Japan.
Dreitfaltigkeitskirche, Hanover, Germany.
12 paintings in the collection of Georges Carpentier, Amiens, France.
In private collections in Germany, USA, France, Poland, Turkey, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia.

Awarded with the diploma of the Union of Artists of the USSR for the design project for the design of the Dynamo stadium in Minsk for the Olympics-80.