Painting “Blackhole”, Canvas, Mixed technique, Antique, 2011

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Location: Switzerland, Zürich
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Alexandre Ab
Alexandre Ab. "Blackhole"
"Blackhole"-the area of space-time , the gravitational attraction of which is so large that even objects moving at the speed of light, including the quanta of the light itself, cannot leave it. The boundary of this area is called the event horizon, and its characteristic size is the gravitational radius. In the simplest case of a spherically symmetric black hole, it is equal to the Schwarzschild radius.
The picture is the result of solving the equations of the gravitational field in the general theory of relativity, which interconnect the metric of a curved space-time with the properties of the matter filling it.
ID: 18377
Artist: Alexandre Ab (b. 1976)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2011
Applied technique: Mixed technique
Medium: Canvas
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Antique
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Object type: Painting

Information about the artist

Александр, родился и вырос в России, окончив школу в 1998 году уехал в Европу, жил во Франции и учился в Университете прикладных наук Западной Швейцарии, после окончания работал в банковской системе Швейцарии. В 2011 году имел неосторожность разделить единицу на ноль в попытках создания нового образа банковских транзакций и этим получил философский дар атригуляции сущности вещей и фотонический кварк реализма бытия, что в итоге это сделало из автора художника. Иногда автор видит модальности сущего и испытывает болезненные галлюцинации они дают ему советы и помогают творить современное искусство.
Alexander, born and raised in Russia, graduated from school in 1998, went to Europe, lived in France and studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Western Switzerland, after graduation he worked in the banking system of Switzerland. In 2011, he was reckless in dividing the unit by zero in attempts to create a new image of banking transactions, and this received the philosophical gift of the atrigulation of the essence of things and the photonic quark of realism of being, which ultimately made the author of the artist. Sometimes the author sees modalisiums and experiences painful hallucinations; they give him advice and help create contemporary art.