Aliona Gordon. "Maxemilian"

Location:Byelorussia, Minsk
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Aliona Gordon. "Maxemilian"
technique: Gemstone Art Painting on man-made marble in wooden frame.
мedium: Ametist, peridot, chalcedony, malachite, amber, jasper, calcite, lapis lazuli, fluorite, carnelian, orpiment, astrofillit, volkonskoite, cinnabar, ochre, realgare, tuff, anthracite, rhodonite, mica, aegirine.
date of creation: 2018
base: marble
H: 305mm.
L: 215 mm.
B: 25 mm.
About the artist
Aliona Gordon
Born in Belarus
She graduated from Minsk Glebov Fine Arts College in 1994, major in painting.
She is a member of the International Artists Union «Master-Mirotvorec».
Gemstone Art Painting on genuine marble in wooden frame.
Unique technology “Gordon‘s Gemstone Art Painting” recognized.
The artist uses natural gemstones and semiprecious stones, creating the colors.
All colors are hand-made.The image is integrated due to the scrupulous fixingof flattened.
and screened gems on a thin plate of white marble.Tiny particles of stones become “paint strokes”.

Diamond, amethist, peridot, garnet, chalcedony, opal, malachite, amber, jasper, calcite,
lapis lazuli, fluorite, carnelian, charoite, orpiment, astrofillit, volkonskoite, jet, cinnabar, ochre,
realgare, rhodusite, tuff, anthracite, micа, galena, aegirine, rhodonite.

One can find her creations in private collections in the clergy and laity of Belarus, Russia,
Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, France, America, Germany, Sweden, UK.
“Hodegetria of Smolensk” - the collection of the Museum of History of Minsk (Belarus), 2012.
“The Virgin of Vladimir” -- the Sanctuary of St. Vladimir, Kaliningrad, (Russian Federation), 2011.
" The Vernicle" --the Sanctuary of St. Andrew in Minsk (Belarus), 2010.
"Virgin of Kazan" -- the Chapel of Okovetskaya Mother of God (Russian Federation), 2003.
"The Holy Trinity" -- the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity (Antarctica, the Island of Waterloo,
the Belinzgauzen polar base), 2002.
  • 08.09.2018 “The Soul of the Stone”, Pushkin Museum., Vilnius
  • 00.12.2012 «Jivoi Obraz», Museum of the History of Minsk, Minsk
  • 00.10.2011 «Gemston painting», Russian Cultural Centre, Vilnius