Alla Bure. Bald singer

Location:Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Alla Bure. Bald singer
The painting "Lasapienza" - Surreal pink dreams...
The bald singer bright live in their fantasy world, but she's looking into the distance, where the unknown and monashee space with a bright Star constantly draws her to him. They share the secret of the sea and magical mountain views. While asleep in their secret gelisah her neighbors, she is on the other side where the oasis is cool lileet. Star. But soon will reveal a glowing home and a lonely quiet song, leaving her body in a rush of dreams.
In picture five visual plans.
About the artist
Хореограф, музыкант, люблю писать маслом. Коллекционирую старинные предметы искусства. Член CID UNESCO с 2004 года.
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