Painting Richard Emil Miller-1875/1943

Condition: new
Location: Russia, Moscow
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Andrey Allakhverdov. Richard Emil Miller-1875/1943
A series of 50 paintings by famous artists of the 19/20 century.
About the artist
Аллахвердов Андрей род. 1947 году. Закончил Московский текстильный институт факультет- декоративные искусство, художник по тканям. Около 40 лет член союза художников Москвы. Участник многих Российских и международных выставок. Также имел несколько персональных выставок. Часть картин находятся в частных коллекциях во многих странах.
С 2014 по 2018 год , проживая в Бостоне написал серию картин о известных художниках мира 19/20 века. Серия состоит из 50 картин размером 40/30 инчей (102/76)см.
Имеет Российское и Американское гражданство. Проживает в Москве и Бостоне.

Allakhverdov Andrey was born in 1947. Graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute, faculty of arts and crafts, fabric artist. For over 40 years he has been a member of the Union of Artists of Moscow. Participant of many national and international exhibitions. He also had several solo exhibitions. Some paintings are in private collections in many countries. From 2014 to 2018, while living in Boston, he painted a series of paintings about famous artists of the world of the 19/20 century. The series consists of 50 paintings of 40/30 inches (102/76) cm in size and can be found on the website: Has Russian and American citizenship.
Currently he lives in Boston and Moscow.
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