Andriy Muzuchishin. "Living water "

Location:Ukraine, Baryshivka, Kyiv region
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Andriy Muzuchishin. "Living water "
The theme of my work is God ( the Creator ) - the Person - and the world. The stories I have are different and they complement your theme. The story about the Knights has always attracted, and it is interesting . Some looked for the Cup, others - the Ark , the tablets of These.. found a Living source ( symbol of Eternal life ). Where God is there is the past and the present and future. And I put it on canvas in his painting.
About the artist
Родился в 1966 г. в г. Мелитополь, Запорожской области. Окончил Львовский Полиграфический институт ( графика и иллюстрация книг ). Работает в области монументальной живописи и графики. Участник Всеукраинских и международных выставок. Живет и работает в Киеве и Львове.
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