Anna Hambaryan. Four-dimensional space 2

Location:Armenia, Yerevan
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Anna Hambaryan. Four-dimensional space 2
A limited three-dimensional space defines the boundaries of perceived objects. How can look like our world from the perspective of four-dimensional space? Even from the point of view of the flight of birds, the things and objects change their shape and graphics, become whole, the combined images, where together the visible and invisible objects. We used Armenian petroglyphs found in the mountains of the Selim pass.
About the artist
Родилась в городе Ереване, Армения.
В 1985 г. окончила Академию Художеств г. Еревана.
С 2005-ого года член Союза художников Армении.
Участвовала во многих выставках в Армении, Ливане, Канаде и в Англии.
В данный момент работаю и живу в Ереване.