Anton Guryev. icon of Christ Pantocrator

Location:Russia, Novosibirsk
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Anton Guryev. icon of Christ Pantocrator
A copy of the work in the Central Museum of ancient Russian culture and art. Andrei Rublev, Moscow, Russia.
BOARD strong without the bug of the temple .was the face of Christ Pantocrator//if you need photos of the Original face, send additional .
My Icon is an exact Copy of ancient Icons with a consistent color scheme. As in the old Icons faces are often small and poorly visible, with a nipped, faded and peeling paint, this Copy is exactly the same video.
Latest technology printing on Gesso (not the label) allows to make an exact copy of the Face of the original! Paint does not fade, with the addition of silver (image not affected by the occurrence of mold).
About the artist
Основатель мозаичной мастерской "Гауди". Находимся в Новосибирске - самом центре России. Авторская техника и видение мозаики как искусства.