Boris Gusev. Replica

Location:Russia, Moscow
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Boris Gusev. Replica
Fancy image, interlacing the finest lines on paper
About the artist
The Joyful Artist.
Boris Gusev is 34 years old and he’s the most European of the Russian artists. Probably, it’s obligated that circumstance, what Gusev was born in city of Riga and lived in Riga till the 1989? As though there was, Gusev is free goes on all heritage of European art and feels himself as at home. His painting would be impossible, if abstract painting did not exist up to him, and surrealists would not expose in due time their hallucinatory canvases. The blossoming complexity of Gusev’s pictures just also arises from blossoming complexity of all-european cultural heritage. Gusev has nothing common with Russian picturesque tradition.
The best definition, what is possible is to found for Boris Gusev - the joyful artist. The magnificent, joyful, excessive, happy foreman and person. Each day of Gusev - it’s the best day. As are excessive, are happy, are magnificent and the canvases are joyful also it. The holiday of life created from whimsical birds, colors, ppaint of female bodies, forms which are not having the names - is those Gusev’s picturesque world. Everyone of his picture is a magical sight.

Edward Lemonov
Aix-en-Provans “Les amis des paint” 23.09 - 09.10.97.
  • 10.11.2015 Personal exposition, the Central House of Artists on the Krymsky val, Moscow, Russia
  • 16.03.2013 “EMBLEMATIC”, “Palitra S” gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 15.12.2011 Personal exposition, at Montenegro Embassy, Moscow, Russia
  • 10.05.2010 “Golden Heart” interactive installation, “Night Gallery” on Vinzavod, Moscow, Russia
  • 18.05.2009 participation in the exhibition “Formotvorchestvo, Artobekt”, Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia
  • 16.03.2009 Exhibition of photography “Deep outside”, Center for Contemporary Art “Winery” gallery “Fotoloft., Moscow, Russia
  • 22.05.2009 Personal exhibition “Necessary excesses, Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia