David Tsitskishvili. untitled

Location:Georgia, Rustavi
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David Tsitskishvili. untitled
When I’m all alone with a canvas, my mind is off and my inner emotion, instant feelings find reflection in colors. I want others to feel their own, that’s why I don’t give names to my paintings. My name is kept inside of me. The future owner is free to give any name to the painting according to his or her own emotion…”
About the artist
David Tsitskishvili was born on April 29, 1980, in the city of Rustavi, Georgia. He took his first artistic course at I. Nikoladze school of Arts. After graduating from Tbilisi State Academy of Art he worked as a Graphic Designer in various fields. For him, Painting is a way of meditation. Emotions he plots on canvas easily become identifiable for spectators. Every person finds his or her inner world there. The series of abstractions are also created with astonishing sets of colors, which makes them unique. In 2016-2017 he took part in the group exhibition of the artists of the city. Since 2017 he has devoted most of his time to painting and strives to expand to the international market.