Eduard Blohin. Medieval mask "offensive bridle".

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Eduard Blohin. Medieval mask "offensive bridle".
In the middle ages expressed the methods of struggle with excess secretions.Guilty was entered on a kind of mask plate to the mouth, which are not allowed to speak.
For the first time officially was "cursing grumpy" (grumpy for a bridle or brank 'Bridle) appeared in Scotland in 1567.It was used mainly for people who were swearing and abuse measures passed allowed.In accordance with the decision of the local courts, charged to put on an iron mask or wrap with a plate in his mouth, which was introduced into the language.It often happens that the plate was in spikes so that any movement of the tongue turned into a real torture.
"cruel grumpy" was also used for people accused of witchcraft, or as corporal punishment of negligence of employees.Often, depending on the severity of the charge, the man in the mask was attached to the skull, or drive around the city.Some of the bridle had bells attached to them to attract attention.The crowd love to have a laugh at the victim, throwing them rotten food.
This instrument of torture was used until the 19th century.In Germany, workers in factories continued to be punished in this way.
Some time, it has also been used in America (in the middle of the XVIII century) and in the German state (at the beginning of the XIX-th).In America, to punish slaves, in Germany, to punish the people kept in the workhouse.The Americans and the Germans with the Austrians, however, have punished this thing not only for abuse and talkative.
This mask is made in medieval style. Metal machined part, natural corrosion - creates the look of antiquity and reflects the character of the time. Since this mask was used as a deterrent and punishment, it shows its purpose. For collectors and lovers of antiquities - it will be a great addition. It can also be a great props for photo and film credits in the style of the middle Ages.
The mask is intended for use only in the collection.For lovers of the middle ages perfectly complements your collection, or to "decorate" your interior.
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#abstract #art #abstractart #TagsForLikes #abstracters_anonymous #abstract_buff #abstraction #instagood #creative #artsy #beautiful #photooftheday #abstracto #stayabstract #instaabstract