Eleonora Shmakova. Sunset in Saratoga

Location:USA, New York
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Eleonora Shmakova. Sunset in Saratoga
Eleanor visited Saratoga in 2000 CA. She was pleasantly impressed by the sea views of the coast this amazingly beautiful area. So, she made this painting shortly after returning to his Studio. )). And there is quite an interesting fabric, which I visited some exhibitions and attracted the attention of art lovers. Eleanor decided to exhibit this work for possible sale later.
About the artist
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Eleonora began her career in a private Studio, in NYC, USA.
It was more of a collaboration than private lessons.
Eleonora prefers to create her artworks in directions of modernism.
Therefore, the work of Eleonora was created in her own style and vision.
Her paintings have been acquired for many private collections, prominent figures in the business world on Wall Street, NYC, as well as in private collections of art collectors in Los Angeles, California and Florida. Many paintings were successfully exhibited and sold in private expositions of Brooklyn Heights; of Red Hook, Brooklyn; Soho, NYC; NJ; Pennsylvania and Wall Street NYC. And also at auctions, including charity auctions.