Emma Krutikova. Scarf "Primrose".

Location:Ukraine, Khartsyzsk
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Emma Krutikova. Scarf "Primrose".
Scarf "Primrose".
Small fancy scarf.
Thin plastic, made by Nuno.
Nuno-tippet graceful and beautiful. Color range is broad, but muted. Flower petals from different pieces of silk in the pink-purple tones of different intensity. The same shades of fibers of viscose and bamboo.
Recommendations for care: gentle hand wash with detergent for wool in cool water of about 30C. Pressing in a towel without twisting! To dry in the unfolded form.
About the artist
Я Эмма Крутикова.

Живу в Донбассе.

Работаю преподавателем в ХШИ.

Представляю свои работы.

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