Florina Breazu. Hybrid

Location:Moldova, Chisinau
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Florina Breazu. Hybrid
Millennial context and content of our culture is confirmed by prehistoric Neolithic cultures. The famous culture of this territory, joining the two sides and the right of remote areas of the river was Cucuteni culture. Pronounced symbolic character of this art amazes us even today and gives us many sources of inspiration. Ceramics, the art of fire, it provides stellar dishes and an extensive repertoire of female figurines, which are associated with fertility cult. Cucuteni ceramics colors: red, white and black and brown were the inspiration for this work. Red is the color of passion and fire, black is the color of fertile land and white is the color of the infinite purity and yellow is the color of the sun, light and heat, exemplified in the work and forms the spiral, while confirming the continuity of the idea of ​​the cyclical nature and time. Text, graphics suggested by advocates heritage and communication between generations. The work helps create distinguished atmosphere of communication.
About the artist
I was born in 1973.01.05 in a family where art education was a priority, my father being an artist. Art becoming the most natural way of expression for me.
I am a dedicated artist and involved in the current cultural activity, with a dynamic experience, polished in the artistic centers of Chisinau, Cluj, Iasi and Bucharest. Through personal and group exhibitions organized in recent years, I have proposed to the public more and more fresh works connected to the development and the level of contemporary society. Through a pictorial approach built on solid exercises, developed from the formal tradition to formal creation, I have outlined a sensitive message that tenaciously affirms its own artistic creed.
I generally practice abstract painting, sometimes introduce figurative elements. The preferred material is oil or acrylic on canvas or paper.
Painting is an expression of freedom, it is the way to be, it is the moment when time stops, the escape and the connection to the fluid course of some energies becomes the act of appearance and conception of the image.
  • 15.05.2019 International Biennale of Painting,, National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova
  • 27.11.2019 Solo exhibition, Teatrul poetic Alexei Mateevici, Молдавия, Chisinau, Chisinau, 2060