Painting “Look at You”, холст лен, Impasto, Abstract Expressionist, Russia, 2018

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Location: Russia, Stavropol
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Galina Khabarova. Look at You
Look at You (composition №25)

Look at yourself and always remember me, because I am your past.

The artwork is painted in a unique author's technique, using a plastic card and, in the case of this particular picture, a pancake spreader. Paint is rubbed into a thin multi-layer film, creating a complex colorful pattern that gives the finished painting a multi-dimensional depth and saturation, rhythm and direction, that makes the paint “glow”, and the viewer’s eye — unconsciously feel movement of the artist's hand.
This one of a kind authentic artwork will decorate the walls in your workspace, cafe or restaurant, beauty salon, and ideally fit a modern interior of your home — living and dining rooms, hallways, kitchen and bedrooms.

Color palette of the artwork consists of several colors, they are: red, sienna, white, maroon.
Medium acrylic impasto and textured paint surface are both distinctive features of this art piece.

Linen canvas (cut, stretched and primed by the artist) and acrylic paints. Coated with an archival-quality protective satin varnish. Mounted on a stretcher frame.
Painted with plastic card.
Sides are painted.
ID: 40988
Artist: Galina Khabarova (b. 1986)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2018
Applied technique: Impasto
Medium: холст лен
Size: 50 x 70 x 2 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Abstract Expressionist, Abstractionism, Expressionist, Minimalism, абстрактный минимализм
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Country of origin: Russia
Object type: Painting
Theme: Glow, Philosophy, Red color, охра

Information about the artist

My paintings are abstract in nature and are created anew each time in the process of intuitively following the imagination, in most cases without any preliminary sketches. They are multi-layered surfaces with a rich texture that exposes the underlying layers of paint, with rhythm, direction and a complex color pattern.

When I start my work, I mentally return to a moment of the past, real or imaginary, when I experienced certain emotions. When I relive it within myself, I work on transfering these emotions to the surface of the canvas. This process is akin to meditation, when emotional images splash out on the painting, as if without my conscious participation. A paint stroke is a reflection of a certain feeling. As emotions quickly replace each other, so do paint strokes overlap each other in the process of my work. Starting with some colors and shades, I can finish the work with completely different ones, covering and overlapping each layer many times. But, like the emotions experienced, each stroke leaves its mark on the surface, forming a unique texture.