“Hansen A. V. Painting Landscapeof the XIX - beginning of XX centuries.”

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Hansen A. V. Painting "Landscape"of the XIX - beginning of XX centuries.
Artist: Alexei V. Hansen (1876 - 1937). Grandson and pupil of I. K. Aivazovsky. 8 category of Solovyov p. 551. Oil on canvas. Sizes:51,5х80,5 see Russia, the XIX - beginning of XX centuries, ALEXEI V. HANSEN (1876-1937) Alex Hansen was born on 2 Feb 1876 in Odessa in the family of state Councilor William L. of Hansen and daughter of the prominent artist Ivan Aivazovsky Maria Ivanovna Aivazovskaya. He graduated from the Imperial Novorossiysk University in Odessa (faculty of law, diploma of II degree). From 1900 to 1917 was in the civil service in the Department of institutions of Empress Maria, and in 1915 was in the service at the Ministry of the Navy as an artist-in-Chief of the naval staff of Russia.
He studied with K. Salzman, P. Meyerheim in Germany, then in Paris with T. Robert-Fleury and J. Lefebvre.
Finished Berlin and Dresden Academy of fine arts. Member of International Association of artists, Association of engravings of the Russian society of artists in Paris Association "Association of artists".
Acquired paintings by Russian and European artists. He opened his gallery in Odessa (1910-1917).
In 1920 has emigrated from Russia, and until his death lived in the Villa in Dubrovnik, where he continued to engage in creative activities. In 1929 in Paris at the Galerie Georges Petit held his solo exhibition, which received numerous rave reviews.
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