“Women's” Canvas Acrylic paint 2019

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Location: Ukraine, Одесса
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Ievgen Artamonov. Women's
The painting "Female", from the series "erasing personal history" :

I rubbed a hole in the canvas to see ..
the man rubs a hole of a lifetime to see..


- “borders” between cultures and peoples are erased
- Institute of marriage and family - erased
- “border” between m and M – erased
- the human factor – erased, especially this one.. won't say..see for yourself where if you see..
- increasingly, any opinion becomes less static and can be replaced by another, often opposite, so – erased
sincerity increasingly replaced by "personal gain", which means – to wash.. it does not matter in what the social. layer this happens, and you can hide behind your power, the "highly spiritual",etc.
- the purpose of religion is erased
- any personal or group identity can be replaced or challenged, so – erased
- the folk tradition has long been superseded, and hence erased
- the team on the energy content often draws on himself more, erasing the "individual personality".
- a lot of the "facts" of history is now in question
- with the appearance of every animate and inanimate object in this world begins the process of decomposition, so – Erasure
- every moment that passes, is replaced by another, and then – erased.
- the one who painted with the pencil knows that there comes a time when something is not like and kind of want to fix things, and people, erasing the "not good", takes a step back – in the context of the concept of this picture I want to show that any step back is actually a step forward.

In the context of the foregoing it will be pretty symbolic to depict a woman who has lived a life. Of feminine energy, we come into this world and women's "land" goes. A woman who has lost self, it is from this center ..erased.. she can't already see for yourself, because it is "so.. what is looking". A woman who lost "mine, not mine", I lost all duality.

The canvas is not white and not clean, but empty. Emptiness is the most honest Foundation for the creation of both physical and anything anyone else in this world. Then, in the context of the picture you can tell that I rubbed a hole in the void, which in itself is a paradox.
ID: 24595
Artist: Ievgen Artamonov (b. 1989)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Acrylic paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 90 x 2 x 90 cm
Framing: Unframed
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Information about the artist

Немногословен. Разносторонне смотрю на мир. По образованию архитектор,работаю по профессии,также преподаю Ха-тха йогу. Люблю рисовать. Все начиналось с архитектурных зарисовок и портретов. Позже с началом практики йоги и знакомством с восточной философией, которая, как оказалось, близка моему духу, появились идеи для серий картин, которые я сейчас реализую и хочу делиться этим с окружающим миром.