Igor Leontjev. "Return to the city of dreams "

Location:Russia, Pskov, Moscow
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Igor Leontjev. "Return to the city of dreams "
Return to the city of dreams. In the following, I give some keys to decrypt .. They needed , as this dream is characterized by the presence of one very famous person. The reality of the dream this event occurred. Just want to clarify about the nature of time in dreams. If you notice ,the tower is missing the clock hands. In fact, time in the Dream in the conventional sense. Of time, on what specifies a sign with the year 1940. The year of birth of John Lennon , October 9, he was born in a bomb shelter . All his life he adored his mother and dedicated to her a few songs . John goes on fantasiany machine that is similar to the American cars of the era of the American Baroque , to the territory of their birth, as if to revive. In the back seat possible sits the image of his mother.
The picture is painted in my signature style and technique , the combination of the miniature fragments of scenic illusion and the credibility of the image .
Work can send in a roll , without a stretcher , in a cardboard tube. So in my experience easier and much cheaper in relation to the shipment, and preservation of the painting during transportation.
About the artist
Born in 1957, Riga, Latvia.

Studied in the Jana Rozentala School of Art and in the Latvian Art Academy, also studied in private art studios such as V.Karkunov and A.Bykov.

The artist works in polystylism.

Participates in exhibitions since 1987.

Participant in the auction of Russian Art in "Dorotheum" Vienna, Austria.

Personal Exhibitions:

2018- Personal exhibition at gallery "Vinzavod", Moscow, Russia.

2017- Personal exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the artist, at gallery "Dar", Pskov, Russia.

2017- Personal exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the artist, at gallery "Stilgalerie", Vienna, Austria.

2016- Personal retrospective exhibition at "Antonia" gallery, Riga, Latvia.

2015- Exhibition in the Kunstraum Hubert Thurnhofer gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2013- Personal exhibition "Vienna the city of artists" gallery of Hubert Thurnhofer,
Vienna, Austria.

2009- Gallery "Antonia" Exhibition "Dream city" Riga, Latvia.

2002- "Painting" House of the Blackheads, Riga. (Booklet issued)

2000- Institute of Applied Psychology, Riga. (Booklet issued)

2001- "Atelier T" gallery, Vienna, Austria.

1998- Joint exhibition with N.Bessonova "Garant" Vienna, Austria.

1998- Gallery "Nelly", Riga, Latvia.

1998- Joint project with N.Bessonova "Birds and fish" gallery "Nelly", Riga, Latvia.

1997- "Dzintars" gallery, Riga, Latvia.

1997- Insurance company "New Reinsurance" gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.

1997- "Rigas Vini" gallery, Riga.

1996- "Sofia" gallery, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

1991- Russian Cultural Foundation, gallery "Riga" Latvia.

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