“Passion ” 2012

€ 1 000
Location: Russia, Санкт-Петербург
Igor Seliverstov. "Passion "
Author's sculpture of the St. Petersburg artist Seliverstova created in bronze for the collection of modern sculpture "Steps and embrace" .
ID: 9504
Artist: Igor Seliverstov (b. 1964)
Year of manufacture: 2012
Size: 29 x 35 x 12 cm

Information about the artist

Seliverstov Igor Valentinovich,
member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
He studied at the Moscow Art College. Vasnetsov.

In 1996, for his thesis at the Institute. Repin was awarded the gold medal of the Academy of Arts of Russia. Since 1997 he worked as an assistant trainee in the creative workshop of People's Artist of Russia Anikushin Mikhail Konstantinovich.

The decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Arts of Russia is aimed at an internship in Rome, where he made a number of creative works: "The Venice Series" and "Roman Games". Completed sketches and models for the residence of the Russian Embassy in Italy at Villa Abamalek-Lazarev.

After an internship in Italy he worked as a sculptor in the creative team on the reconstruction of the statue "Minerva" on the dome of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and on the sculptural decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.