Drawing “Pictures for the nursery Fairies. Couple.”, Paper, Watercolor, Fantasy, Ukraine, 2020

€ 300
Condition: new
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
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Irina Nevshupa. Pictures for the nursery "Fairies". Couple.
Картины в интерьер детской "Феи". Пара. Бумага, акварель, 2020г, формат А4.
Художник Ирина Невшупа.
Работы оформлены в белые рамки из дерева, со стеклом и навесами.

Цена - 300 evro (Пара). Сейчас в наличии.

Fairies are characters that I really like. They are beautiful, fragile and airy.

When I paint these fairy-tale characters, I feel myself like a part of this magical world.

This works are intended for a children's room. The paintings are sold as a pair, as a one whole.
ID: 29562
Artist: Irina Nevshupa (b. 1975)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2020
Applied technique: Watercolor
Medium: Paper
Size: 36 x 2 x 25 cm
Framing: With frame
Genre: Fantasy, Mythological
Shipping to: Within the country, Worldwide
Payment method: Wire Transfer, Credit card, Cash
Delivery method: Postal service, Courier service, pickup by yourself
Purchase returns: No return
Country of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Drawing (Fine art, Graphics)

Information about the artist

Живу и работаю в г. Киеве. Основная специализация - художник-иллюстратор деткой книги уже около 20 лет. Так же занимаюсь росписью детской мебели из дерева, под заказ, и пишу картины.

Мои работы можно посмотреть на сайте : http://illustrators.ru/users/id53747.