“the end of downshifting or time to go home” Postmodern

€ 2 000
Location: Russia, москва
IVAN SHCHUKIN. the end of downshifting or time to go home
ID: 10032
Artist: IVAN SHCHUKIN (b. 1980), автор
Size: 126 x 68 cm
Art style: Postmodern
Historical era:

Information about the artist

Fascination with color is why I started to paint: it pushed me out of my career as a graphic designer towards the uncertain path of a freelance self-employed artist. I experiment a lot with texture and incorporate playful twists of imagination to provoke myself and a viewer to re-see everyday natural and cultural phenomena. Into these simple narratives, I interweave my personal mysteries. Techniques – be it direct paint drips or installations - result in telling stories that reflect a very subjective truth and history.