Konstantin Portnov. Aromatica

Location:Russia, Zlatoust
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Konstantin Portnov. Aromatica
Aromatica vase with lid, which puts aromatic substances or Smoking. Through the holes in the lid the aroma penetrated to the room and "refresh the air" . This is a luxury item, but many essential. Aromatize came into fashion in the XVIII century. So aromatica are of particular interest for collections.
Aromatica made in the traditional techniques of engraving on metal. Panache with a brush, engraving with a needle on a varnish, etching, engraving cutter, stone processing, artistic casting, tack of jewelry, Nickel, gilding
Metal - brass, stone -Jasper dark green, zircon
About the artist
Константин Портнов - дизайнер, художник-гравер, мастер декоративно-прикладного и ювелирного искусства.Авторские работы.