Konstantin Potoroka. Behold The Man - God's Creation

Location:Russia, Magadan
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Konstantin Potoroka. Behold The Man - God's Creation
Behold The Man Of God's Creation. The author Kostantin Potoroka oil on Canvas, pastel and pencil and I your 2018 27 June 2019

Necessary addition:
And I had a vision
Born portrait
Casting shadows,
Flew into the light

Holy spirit wings
Twirls the spindle
Between fiction and reality
day night
light dark
And black squares and crosses fair
discarding the shadow of God on You
Given freedom of Will and the Kingdom of the Earth
suffering and pain
dream about one
Heavenly road to climb to the sky
and in heaven to stay, but not go down

This Pudu salt thorny path
Until and bondage we have where else to go
We are the chariot of God, we are Slaves of the Lord,
From Eternity the threshold chosen by Fate

Behold The Man The Creation Of God...
Down drafts, casting shadows
Us Lord St...
Forgive me

. Wrote and composed this servant of God Kostya Potoroka Showed 27. 06.2019 A. d
About the artist
48 лет.
Я -это я и мои обстоятельства.
  • 06.03.2018 Область Арт, Металлист, Магадан