Lilit Soghomonyan. Memoirs of a Muse

Location:Armenia, Yerevan
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Lilit Soghomonyan. Memoirs of a Muse
Erased, blurred faces true, maybe fictitious, imaginary memories, giving a warm peace and illusory faith in the tangibility of the senses.
About the artist
Born in Yerevan, Armenia.
1985 – 1991 Fine Arts and Drama Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
1992 Member of Artist’s Union, Yerevan, Armenia

Solo Exhibitions
2014 St. John Armenian Church, San-Francisco, USA
2012 Modern Art Museum of Armenia
2008 Cultural Center “Pokrovskie vorota”, Moscow, Russia
2004 Gevorgyan Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2000 Artists’ Museum, Washington, DC, USA
1992 Gallery Kreishaus, Hofheim, Germany

National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia,