Design Painting “Prideful”, Canvas, Acrylic paint, Abstractionism, Landscape painting, 2020

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Condition: new
Location: Russia, Moscow
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Liza Serdechnikova. Prideful
Lion in the culture of different peoples — the symbol of Supreme divine power, authority and Majesty, power. In the European tradition it is a symbol of power, representing the power of the sun and fire. With the image of the lion is also often linked to bravery, courage, pride, nobility, justice, triumph. The image of a lion — the symbol of motherhood, the attribute of many of the goddess-mother.
That is why many are so eager to decorate your home with the image of a Lion.
The lion is also called the "King of beasts", this painting is a good gift to the landlord - the man.
ID: 31072
Artist: Liza Serdechnikova (b. 1976)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2020
Applied technique: Acrylic paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 40 x 0,5 x 40 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Abstractionism
Genre: Landscape painting
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Object type: Design Painting

Information about the artist

Я дизайнер одежды, художник. Основные направления работы: Абстрактная живопись и морские пейзажи акварелью. Участник выставки и победитель конкурса «Акварелиум» в номинации «Морская стихия», 2 работы- 1,2 место 2020г, Приз зрительских симпатий конкурса “Animal Planet”,, участник Всероссийский фестиваль «Новые имена», ВЦ «Арт Коробка»,
организатор «Артбульвар» 2020г, победитель конкурса-выставки "Неделя Искусств в Санкт-Петербурге", август 2020г, номинация Абстрактное искусство, экспериментальные формы.