Margarita Kazantseva. Collectible doll the Pharaoh SETI

Location:Russia, Anapa
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Margarita Kazantseva. Collectible doll the Pharaoh SETI
Doll 2017. The author's complex compositional work. The Pharaoh SETI was presented at 2 international exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The stand is made in the style of bas-relief with painting. Both the staff, Desk and chair. To set funny monkey, which simply amused the Pharaoh. The body Network - a sculpture of 100%.
In history it was the richest Pharaoh of Egypt. SETI I was a Pharaoh of the XIX dynasty of Ancient Egypt, who ruled approximately 1290-1279 BC, the Son of Ramesses I and tsarinas satra, the father of Ramses II. With SETI I begins a new brilliant period of Egypt. The network is a secondary character in a science fiction movie "the Mummy" (1999) and "the Mummy returns", where he depicts the Pharaoh who fell victim to a conspiracy of his high priest Imhotep. May he and You will be a talisman of success and wealth.
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About the artist
Художник-кукольник. Работаю по авторской классической кукле. Участница многих международных выставок.
Член Творческого Союза Художников ДПИ России.
  • 17.12.2017 Искусство куклы, Гостиный двор, Москва