Margarita Pyl. Fire flower

Location:Russia, Krasnodar
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Margarita Pyl. Fire flower
Offer You something special.This is the strongest of all my works.The picture was made in the technique of counted cross stitch,the strongest of my work.
The picture is not normal, it is not just a piece of art, this is a very powerful talisman. Performed by hand, every stitch was read a conspiracy to success in business and personal life, for the health of the owner and his family, for raising money (in a short time it will pay off), protection from enemies, easy promotion in all cases.It contains a very powerful energy.
About the artist
Все картины выполнены мной вручную в технике "счетный крест", хлопковыми либо шелковыми нитями.Заряжены очень мощной позитивной энергией.