“Oil painting Summer morning in the forest” Realist Landscape painting 2018

$ 200
Location: Ukraine, Львов
Maria Korda
Maria Korda. Oil painting "Summer morning in the forest"
Oil painting, varnished, gilded frame. Emotional, sunlit work. Exceptional attention to detail, light output, total life-affirming message.The sun's rays pierced the riot of greenery in the trees at the forest edge. Like we hear "Ode to joy". In interfere modern lady or apartment will create an artistic window into nature, a window to joy and life.
ID: 12341
Artist: Maria Korda (b. 1954)
Year of manufacture: 2018
Size: 67 x 47 cm
Art style: Realist
Стилистик эра:
Genre: Landscape painting

Information about the artist

Закончила академию художеств. Работы маслом на холсте. Пейзажная живопись.

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