Matkovsky Dmitri. One Planet Coalition, abstract painting, a Coalition of "One planet", the original abstraction

Location:Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Matkovsky Dmitri. One Planet Coalition, abstract painting, a Coalition of "One planet", the original abstraction
On 12 December 2017, the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, decided to refute fatalism in the face of the ecological emergency for our planet by calling together in Paris international leaders and committed citizens from around the world.
Together, on 12 December 2017, they launched an ambitious project to win the battle against climate change.
12 commitments were made, the One Planet Coalition was created.

This is Original mixed media Abstract painting on canvas Oil, pastel, pencil and Acrylic on canvas.

ПАРИЖ, 12 декабря 2017 года – В ходе саммита «Одна планета», созванного по инициативе президента Франции Эмманюэля Макрона, Генерального секретаря Организации Объединенных Наций Антониу Гутерриша и президента Группы Всемирного банка Джима Ён Кима, Группа Всемирного банка выступила с рядом новых инициатив, соответствующих взятому ею курсу на дальнейшее содействие развивающимся странам в претворении в жизнь целей Парижского соглашения.

Оригинальная картина. Смешанная техника: акрил, масло, масляные мелки на холсте.
About the artist
I’m artist synesthetes*, Abstract Expressionist.
Emotions are very important for me. All your life It’s all in this particular moment. It’s like improvisation in music. You need explain all life in one moment, in one phrase, in one white square…

Emotion is relationship with other people. My art is relationship with others too.

I like challenge, I like to make something new every day, on the end I like to win. And more important I like to win Every day. For me to finish my canvas is like red line for the runner or reaching the peak of a mountain for a climber, I will die for this.
I love colors, I love paint, and I love canvas, white canvas. I like even prepare canvas for painting, I just love to be an artist.
When I’m painting I feel like a runner, marathon 42 km. runner dying for red line, dying to reach the finish line. I feel like the climber whose single goal driving him all the time is to reach the peak of the mountain. I want to succeed. I love to win.

I feel myself so liberated when create art. First, because I can produce something that is influence on human’s mood or state of mind, and second, because I can escape this reality. And I like this feeling.

My paintings have been sold for years to offices, shops and private residences in Canada, Australia, USA, Europe etc. Up until now in 18 countries.

I am continuously developing my style of painting, keeping it interesting for you to come back for another visit.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you for your interest hope you like it!

synesthetes* - Synesthesia in art has referred to a wide variety of Atits experiments that have explored the co-operation of the senses e.g. seeing and hearing; the word synesthesia is from the Ancient Greek, "together," and Aisthēsis, "sensation". In the genres of visual music, abstract film, abstract film, music visualization, audiovisual art and intermedia.
  • 16.10.2017 EWAAC 2017, La Galla Pall Mall, Pall Mall, London, UK
  • 01.02.2015 , ZE Nevsky 8 Art Space, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 05.09.2011 , Toronto Library Art Center, Toronto, Canada
  • 01.03.2010 , Mod Club, Toronto, Canada
  • 01.04.2009 About Space, Khvost Gallery, Paris, France
  • 00.00. Acquisitions and Gifts, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
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